AWC has participated in human rights, peace-building, and democracy conferences, workshops and seminars regarding Afghan women’s issues since 1993 around the world. AWC offers training courses in human rights, women’s rights, peace-building, democracy and management to Afghan women in Afghanistan and in the Afghan Refugee environment in Peshawar Pakistan. AWC held seminars and workshops to increase women’s awareness of their rights and to unite them to make their voice stronger. This would enable them to make inroads in securing their rights in society from the family level on up to the high positions in government.

AWC has motivated women to participate in the presidential and parliamentary electrons. AWC has informed Mr. President and cabinet members of violations and injustices against human rights and women’s rights in the county. Also several meetings were held with high ranking authorities regarding the national and international issues with the various Ministers.

AWC provides regular reports on human rights abuses in Afghanistan, and appeals to the international community, United Nations, Amnesty International and other human rights organizations around the world. These appeals are placed in its website too.

AWC seeks financial and professional support from individuals and institutions in realization of its objective, while safeguarding its sovereignty and independence. AWC is accountable to its partners and communities through periodic and annual progress and financial reports and regular evaluation of its activities.