Relief & Rehabilitation

AWC has provided 1,000 women with relief aid in the winter during the last year and supported many more on a monthly basis. AWC has completed a relief project for 500 families providing them with clean drinking water, necessary materials for shelter and food in Paktika and Parwan Provinces since 2002. AWC has a list of disabled people we are supporting by monthly basis with the financial support of various donors.

AWC has completed drinking water projects with the people’s support to provide 25 families with clean drinking water (a deep well with a hand pump), in the Ben e Hisar area about 10 km. from Kabul to the south and in the Deh Afghanan area in Kabul, Istalif, about 5 km. to the north of Kabul and the Shkeen village of Birmal District, Paktika Province. Since NGOs are not doing the construction work, therefore, AWC also has no more construction activities.