international support

Afghanistan Women Council places an emphasis staff opportunities for growth. It has provided its staff with various training in the fields of human rights, women and children rights, labor rights, peace-development, democracy, micro-finance, MF management, office management, women’s leadership, accounting, social organization, and gender issues. Some were sent to New Delhi and Srilanka to participate in seminars and workshops. AWC itself held many seminars and workshops in Kabul, Parwan, Kandahar and Jalalabad to give awareness to Afghans, especially women, to urge participation in the presidential and parliamentary elections. AWC is known as a human rights defender organization, therefore, has participated in most of the seminars, workshops and meetings around the world on such issues.

Establishment of a Research Center for Afghan Women
This center was established in 2000 under the cultural section of AWC to undertake profound and widespread research on the political, social, economic and cultural spheres of Afghan women’s lives. Over the years, Afghan women were deprived from their basic human rights and lacked recognition of their rights by the various governments in place. Therefore, AWC decided to establish a research center in order to increase awareness of this issue and to research how Afghan women can effectively regain their rights in accordance with religion, Afghan culture, and traditions. AWC is reflecting women issues in its weekly publication and a research magazine will be published on these topics as soon as the proposal for this project is approved. This center holds regular round table discussions with the active participation of women to discuss and evaluate historical major events, human rights, and women rights. Reports of these discussions are published in weekly, local media and their appeals are passed on to the international community.