fatana ishaq gailani

Managing Director of Afghanistan Women Council, Head of the Khorasan MCH Clinic, Chief Editor of Afghan Women Weekly

Ms. Fatana Said Gailani, who comes from an influential family of Kabul, has become one of the most prominent advocates of Afghan women’s rights. She had sought refuge in Pakistan in late 1978 due to her opposition to the Communist regime of Noor Mohammad Tarraki. She began her humanitarian work in 1980 by raising funds for medical assistance for Afghan refugees. She later set up a health clinic and a high School and then she founded the Afghanistan Women Council in 1986. She began her work as a defender of human rights, women's rights, children's rights, peace building and democracy. Later, beginning in 1995, she released a monthly publication on AWC. She also started a mobile clinic in the Afghan Refugee Camps, began Income Generation activities, psychosocial counseling, relief activities and established the only Center for Higher Education where 300 boys and girls could study in grades 13 and 14. She set up all this to serve the women and children in the fundamentalist-dominated refugee environment of Peshawar, Pakistan.

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She has, however, come into the limelight since the establishment of various women’s gatherings around the world. She received the following awards:
1. The women’s commission for Refugee women and children Award in January 28, 1992.
2. Prince of Asturias Award (Spain) for International Co-operation in 1998.
3. United Nations Association of Spain Award for Peace in 1999 and
4. Empty handed Champions of Human Rights (Spain) in 2000.
5. AWARD of excellent performance for women's work from the Ministry of women affairs, Kabul, Afghanistan in 2005.
6. Great Masood AWARD for excellent work against injustice – Kabul, Afghanistan in 2005.
7. Ambassador for Peace AWARD from Universal Peace Federation, USA, 2006.

Member of the International Journalist's Union, New York, USA,
Member and Deputy Director of SAFMA, Afghanistan,
Board Member of Amnesty International Boston, USA,
Board Member of the International Justice Court, Netherlands,
Board Member of GTZ Pakistan,
Board Member of Afghanistan Assistance Agency,
Board Member of Afghan Relief Foundation,
Board Member of Agency for Small Scale Integrated Activities,

Walking and Reading.

• She has traveled to various countries around the world to participate in workshops, seminars, conferences, meetings and presentations about human rights, women rights, refugee rights, peace building, democracy and attended management courses.
• She lived 20 years in Pakistan and 3 years in Switzerland as an Afghan Refugee.

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