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Sodis Training - Water Purification

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Relief Activities
Development Activities
Women Support Program 

Afghan women learning knitting...        
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Afghan Women Weekly/Cultural Activities

Fatana Gailani with the Minister of Women Affairs.

Human Rights, Women’s Rights and Peace Development Activities    
Madam Gailani attended a one day seminar for Parliament.
AWC’s Staff Training and Participation in International Seminars, Workshops
and Women’s Gatherings
Establishment of a Research Center for Afghan Women
Aryana High School
Mother and Child Health Clinic
Mobile Clinic
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Literacy Project
Teaching Materials and Methods
Literacy Classes

Trade Training
Sweater Knitting
Leather Purse Project
TBA Health Training
Health Kit Concept 
Human Rights Project
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Who We Are

Fatana Gailani, Founder, Afghanistan Women Council

Ms. Fatana Said Gailani, who comes from an influential family of Kabul, has become one of the most prominent advocates of Afghan women's rights. After she sought refuge in Pakistan in late 1978 due to her opposition to the Communist regime of Noor Mohammad Tarraki, she began her humanitarian work in 1980 by providing medical assistance for Afghan refugees. Mrs. Gailani founded the Afghanistan Women Council (AWC) in 1986 and started its activities for human rights, women's rights, children's rights and peace building in 1993. The main objective of the organization is to enlighten women, improve their living conditions, and strengthen their socio-economic status in society by their multi-lateral involvement in developmental activities.

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What We Do

AWC runs the Ariana School, the Mother and Child Health Clinic in Peshawar, which provides education and medical care to refugee families, and the Nazo AnaClinic, a 20-bed hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan, that kept its doors open throughout all five years of the Taliban regime. AWC also manages humanitarian relief efforts for newly-arrived refugees and publishes the monthly journal, Zan-e-Afghan (Aghan Women) to mobilize women to bring peace and stability to the country. AWC creates and administers innovative projects such as trade training, literacy, health kit disbursement, and TBA training. AWC also strives to provide a voice for women through political representation in the new government.

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